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After The Repairs: The Additional Work That Needs To Be Done After Replacing Pavement Over Utility Work

27 December

If you need to have utility work done under a paved section of your property, the majority of the mess will be over once the area is repaved. However, there is some additional work that will have to be done after that paving. It won’t take long, but you should be sure you arrange for the paving company to take care of most of this. If you don’t, the area will continue to look messy and not make your property look that good.

Remove Markings

Utility work usually requires that special markings be made on pavement around the work area. These need to be removed both to clean up the area and prevent future confusion if more work is needed. Note that removing the markings, usually made with spray paint, will potentially affect the surface of the pavement by damaging the sealcoating on the asphalt or concrete. Once the markings have been removed, you or the paving company will need to reseal those areas.

Seal the New Surface

The new pavement needs to be sealed as well. If it’s left unsealed, moisture can seep into the concrete or asphalt and either erode the material very gradually, or it can freeze in cold weather and cause the material to crack apart. That then leads to more moisture getting in, and the problem repeating itself on a larger and larger scale. The paving company should be able to take care of sealing the new pavement, or it should be able to refer you to a sealcoating company.

Fix the Landscaping

If the utility work was done near any landscaping, check over the area to ensure the plants and lawns weren’t damaged. Trim plants as needed, and if any show signs of wilting, try to revive them with extra water or replace them completely. Keep in mind that roots can affect nearby pavement, so be careful about what you plant in the area if you have to replace the plants. You don’t want to put in small trees, for example, that have spreading roots that dig under the pavement. As those roots grow, they’ll bust through the pavement and create a mess.

Utility work has to be done; there’s no way around that. But ensuring you know what other work will be needed afterward is vital for keeping your property looking good. The paving companies in your area, such as AA Asphalting, will be able to help you plan out the entire process.