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What’s In A Name? What Your Heating And AC Company Does

04 October

So everyone knows that a heating and AC company does heating and air conditioning installation and service. However, you may not know that these companies do lots of other related jobs too. These other odd jobs are not always revealed in the names of the companies simply because of the space it would take to include the odd jobs. If you need someone for any of the following, you can contact heating and cooling companies to see if they can help (because most of them probably can).

Hooking up Your Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters often use the same intake pipe for natural gas or propane as your furnace. When both of them use the same heating fuel, your HVAC technician can install and hook up the new water heater for you. He or she will make sure that there are no issues between the gas flow to your furnace and the gas flow to your new water heater.

Hooking up Your Gas Stove

Likewise, a gas stove needs a professional to hook it up to the gas pipeline. HVAC technicians do that too. Their expertise and safety precautions with natural gas and propane ensure that your gas stove will not blow up or suffocate you the first time you turn it on.

Hooking up Your Ice Maker for Your Refrigerator

Believe it or not, this is also a task completed by an HVAC technician. Because the hose from the refrigerator’s ice maker has to travel down through your floor to the water tap in your home, it is not always the easiest of jobs for homeowners, so the technicians are called to do it. They also make repairs to your ice maker and your refrigerator when these machines fail to make ice and/or keep things cold.

Installing Space Heaters That Need to Be Vented to the Outside

Space heaters should not be your go-to source for heat in your home, but if you have them installed inside your home or in your garage, they may need to be vented to the outside. A good seal around the vent to the outside is necessary for avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning and dispelling smoke if you are using an oil-burning space heater. Even though your garage is essentially outside, it is still important to have plenty of ventilation for certain models of space heaters, and the technician can do that, too.

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