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Getting The Most From Your Tool Rental

04 July

Rental equipment can help you in a lot of different ways when you are undergoing any sort of construction project. As you contact the equipment rental company that you intend to do business with, you should know the right questions to ask, make sure that safety and maintenance are covered and understand which types of tools will be the most advantageous for rental, as opposed to purchase. The tips below explain these points in great detail.

Core Questions To Ask The Equipment Rental Company

When approaching an equipment rental company, you will need to know some questions that will be most important. Get a copy of any billing policies, so that you know exactly when and how money will come from your account. You should also be sure to ask about any add-ons that will be advantageous to your equipment rental account. Also, get return dates in writing, in addition to any late fees or other penalties. You should also find out the company’s policy on early returns and should check out the equipment for yourself to make sure that it is in good condition prior to your equipment rental.

Get Safety And Maintenance Provisions Put Into The Contract

You will need to know exactly how you will maintain both the tools themselves and the safety of your work space. If you are renting a tool that is complex or potentially dangerous, ask the company if they offer any sorts of training courses to brush up on your skills or to receive a safety certification. If you are renting any tools for a long-term basis, you might also want to get a maintenance plan put into the contract. This will help you to maximize on the quality of the equipment for the duration of the rental.

Know Which Tools Are Best For Rent, Rather Than Purchase

Since there are a variety of construction tools for rent, you need to assess which are best to purchase and which are better as rentals. A tile saw is a good piece of equipment to rent, because the quality will be much greater than the cheaper models you will find in your home improvement store. Rotary hammers are also an excellent rental, because these tools are both powerful and can be incredibly expensive to buy, while they only cost approximately $35 per four hours from a rental company. A tiller is also a great piece of equipment to rent, since the average person will not need to use it more than 1 to 2 times each year.

Use these tips so that you get the most from your equipment rental.